What I'm doing Now

I copped this idea from Derek Sivers - https://sivers.org/now

Today I'm in Vancity reconnecting with Canada and pushing forward the Cannabis movement!

After taking some years to travel, feel freedom and hunt down people that do great things, i've slowed down the trip to focus on one spot and to do one thing (Almost) that I'm really connected with.

  • I've joined an all star team to push forward the cannabis movement and I focus where I excel: sales and marketing.
  • I'm taking advantage of my minimalist lifestyle and offering a unique service: Idealtenant.ca
  • I've changed my health focus from being the muscular guy to being the guy training to run across India at 80 years old.
  • I'm single again, but not for long, I feel it in the air!

I have never worked harder than I am working now, I have never been this motivated. Being in love with what you do really makes a difference and I can feel that today more than ever and I am very grateful for it

I wouldn't say that Vancouver is my home, but I would say that its the only place in the world where I get to do what I do without worry and that matters.


My theme for 2017 is to focus on less and be patient.

This was updated January 10th, 2017